Hiring a decorator is no small task we understand you may have questions

Hopefully the answer to your question is in our FAQs, but if not please use the contact us form where you will get a personalisied reply from Emily.

Do you need a deposit or payment up front?

No! We never ask for any payment upfront because we work on trust. Sometimes if your decorating takes longer than one week we may send you an interim invoice for part of the quote value. This is because we're a small family business and it helps our cash flow. We kindly ask that make the payment no later than 7pm on the date of the invoice.

I just want wallpaper hung on my feature wall, no other decorating can you do that?

Yes, absolutely. Hanging wallpaper is probably the toughest part of decorating and it can be a daunting task luckily it's also Phillip's favorite thing to do. We'll happily come in for a day and just hang your wallpaper and use the correct paste for the wallpaper brand you have chosen.

How do you protect my floor?

We use brand new, single use plastic specifically designed for your floor type be that carpet or hard flooring. We think this is the cleanest, safest and best way to protect your floor. We also cover your furniture with specialist plastic too. Dust sheets can carry residue from the previous house they were used in and are potentially a source of allergies.

What finish should I have on the walls and woodwork?

That is entirely up to you. We can give you advise and discuss your options based on a host of factors such as the natural light in the room, how the room will be used and what you desired look is. We promise to always be honest and if something won't look great, we'll tell you but still do it if that's what you want.

Will there be loads of dust and mess?

There is always an element of dust when you get decorating done because the walls and woodwork need to be sanded down and prepared. However we have embraced the latest technology to ensure we are as close to dust free as possible. Our Mirka sander is attached to a special dust extractor so almost all the dust is sucked up into the machine and not floating around the room. We also use door zips to keep the room being decorated closed off and any small amount of dust enclosed into that one room. As for being messy, we work in a clean and efficient way, treat your home as well as we do our own, and every evening the room is left as tidy as possible, baring in mind there will be paint pots and tools left ready for the next day.

Can I use the room while it's being decorated?

Ideally not if possible. but if needs be we can leave the room usable in the evenings so you can watch TV or use the bathroom or kitchen. We don't recommend you sleep or dine in a room being decorated.

Does somebody have to be in while you're doing the decorating?

Not necessarily, it's up to you, all we need is a key. We have some customers who are home while we decorate their house, others go about their normal day or go to work. Some customers even book a holiday so they come back to a beautifully decorated room upon their return.

Do I have to buy the paint and wallpaper?

We only ask that you buy your chosen wallpaper. Everything else is included in your quote. In fact we prefer to source the paint and materials because we have access to trade quality paint which is different to the paint available to the public.

Do I have to pay cash, and are you VAT registered?

You can if you want to pay cash you can but we also use BACS or bank transfer. We pay all of our taxes and wages properly and are too small to be VAT registered.

When can you start?

Hanging feature wallpaper can be done pretty much straight away, but for all other decorating there is usually a wait for Phil. During the spring and summer it would not be unusual to wait for about 3 months, and in the autumn, winter it's usually a 4-6 week wait. You can always contact Emily who will gladly give you an up to date appraisal of the diary and any cancellation spaces available.

Do you do plastering, fit carpets etc?

Unfortunately not. We are very proud to be specialist decorators and so we are only trained in this one trade. However we can undertake elements of other tasks within decorating such as replacing skirting boards, face filling a wall, replacing handles on doors and kitchen units.