About US 

Phillip Knowles Specialist Decorators was started in 2016 following a 21 year career with the same decorating company. We wanted to work more locally and have the freedom to do things differently. We're proud to be a small family business where we can give the time needed to each room to create a beautiful finish. Over time, we are slowly growing our business by training young people through offering one apprentiship every two years. We don't want to stop learning, Phil attends masterclasses on different aspects of specialist decorating as often as he can.  

The Team

phillip knowels

Phil and Emily have been together almost two decades and are proud parents to a teenage son and daughter. They have a shared love of travelling and are working towards retirement floating somewhere in the UK on a houseboat where Phil can fish while Emily reads a book.

Phil is a keen fisherman and enjoys spending his spare time at local lakes where he can try out new lures and bates. He’s a real film buff, watching everything from the latest releases to old classics, and he likes to bake; bread pudding is his yummy speciality. Phil loves to discover new things and learn about anything that takes his interest. from history to art to science, best of all he likes to research new skills, making or fixing anything and everything.

Emily is currently studying for a degree in Politics, Philosophy and Economics with the Open University. She is a fanatic bookworm reading a mixture of fiction and non-fiction and if time allowed, she could happily read 5 books in a week. She’s also a football geek and played herself until she had her first child, then she spent some time managing a local team. Now she loves nothing more than watching Maidstone United play in an away game!